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Strong Pegs

Made strong enough to be drilled into most (if not all) ground surfaces

Australian owned

Designed for the tough Australian outback by tough Australians outback adventurers

Lifetime Warranty

We provide a lifetime product warranty with normal use.


Compatible with all electric and cordless drills and impact drivers

Why We are better

We all love getting away, whether it’s in a Caravan, Campervan or Tent, there’s a lot to love about the great outdoors! Setting up and Packing up your outdoor adventure can be a hassle though. Trying to hammer in and pull out old fashioned pegs is difficult, time-consuming and can quite often require a lot of brute strength! Hex Pegs makes this process easy- All you need is a cordless drill or impact driver and you’ll have them in and out of the ground in seconds!! They go in easier, they Grip so much better whilst they’re in the ground, and they come out easily when you want them to!

All of our products are made from High-Quality materials, have been designed to last and have a LIFETIME WARRANTY!


  • Daniel Marron
    Brought a set of these bad boys at the camping show Feb 2018, the best set of pegs ever. We have a camp trailer and I set the misses up with the cordless drill and away she goes. Super easy to go in, easy to drill out. Great product.
  • Kylie
    Very quick delivery, tried them out putting up an awning, wish I purchased sooner. The multi buy is perfect because you can mix and match.
  • Lorraine Harris
    I just received my order of 15 Hex Pegs and Hex Socket. The ordering experience was easy and well communicated. Delivery was quick. The quality of the Hex Pegs is far superior to any other screw in pegs I have seen, and I can’t wait to use them on our next caravan trip.I highly recommend Hex Pegs!
  • Kim Rasmussen
    I Just wanted to say thankyou for your fantastic service, fast delivery and top product. They certainly have made life easier!
  • Jim Buldo
    Firstly, thanks for posting my Hex Pegs quickly - they arrived in time for my trip. I just wish I had discovered these earlier! I am holidaying at Caloundra where the ground is like concrete after months with no rain, but the pegs worked a treat with a 24V cordless drill. I had plenty of interested onlookers as well and one bloke went immediately on line to buy a batch. Congratulations on a great product - my arthritic shoulder and elbow are sincerely grateful.
  • Justin Lorrimer
    These Pegs are a fantastic product for caravanning. They are ideal for securing your awning in windy conditions. Easy to install and remove even on the hardest camp sites and they give you peace of mind that your awning won’t get damaged if the wind picks up!
  • Paddy Madaffari
    They are excellent quality and make life that much better when setting up. No more sweating and swearing when I smash my hand with a hammer.. no more bent pegs in hard ground! Makes setup time shorter so more time to sit back and relax with a refreshing beverage.. thanks guys..
  • Georgie McRae
    We used Hex Pegs for a marquee at my wedding. They were so easy to use, and kept it very secure in windy conditions. So much easier than trying to use weights or traditional pegs – thank you Hex Pegs!
  • Andy Campbell
    I used my new Hex Pegs on a recent camping trip & they’re brilliant.So easy - to - use & really solid.Love em!